Tip #1367: Tell apart create, update, and delete events

It’s not every day one gets to chime in on a post from Jerry, the lifetime tipster and Power Automate connoisseur. In this post Jerry talks about When a record is created, updated, or deleted trigger in CDS (current environment) connector and how to tell the event that triggered the flow using a clever combination of checks on Modified On and Created On attributes.

I think there is a not necessarily better but certainly a simpler way to achieve the same.

Hold my beer

There is an undocumented property of the trigger message called SdkMessage that contains the name of the actual message that triggered the flow. Using that property we can use just a single expression and a switch to figure out what to do (click to zoom in):

The switch expression is:

Not so fast

It may look simple than the original approach but keep in mind that this is kind of dodging the bullet while Jerry has built a bullet-proof vest. On top of that, SdkMessage is currently undocumented and may or may not survive.

Cover photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash