Tip #1364: Customizing opportunity close status reasons

So you followed tip 1290 and you customized your opportunity close form. Great! But now that you did that, users don’t see all of the win/lose status reasons to select when closing the opportunity. What’s up with that?

First thing to remember is that the custom opportunity close is a quick create form for a different entity called Opportunity Close. If you make changes to the status reasons of opportunity, opportunity close doesn’t automatically know about them.

The way to inform opportunity close of your customized status reasons is to add them (including the same option set value) to the opportunitystatuscode field on opportunity close. If the values of status reason from opportunity are in the opportunity close opportunitystatuscode field, users closing an opportunity using the custom opportunity close field will see the correct options.

Cover image Pye Records / Public domain

2 thoughts on “Tip #1364: Customizing opportunity close status reasons

  1. Rob Dawson says:

    Nice tip. Equally applicable to custom case resolution, needing to add the options to this field:

    ResolutionTypeCode Resolution Type

  2. Mario Costa says:

    Great, Helps a lot!!!

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