Tip #1249: Talk back from canvas to model-driven

Until now, embedded canvas apps were a mere eye candy. But with just announced new capabilities you can now talk back to the form. Kind of. More “bark orders” than “talk” but this is awesome start!

Embedded canvas apps now provide the ability to perform actions to navigate, refresh and save the host form. With these capabilities makers can now achieve even richer integration between the embedded canvas app, the host form and other assets in the model-driven app, unlocking an entire new set of scenarios to help meet business needs.

Anees Ansari, Principal Program Manager

Blog post: https://powerapps.microsoft.com/blog/embedded-canvas-apps-can-now-navigate-refresh-and-save-the-host-form/

Documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/powerapps/maker/model-driven-apps/embedded-canvas-app-actions

Now, how about letting us talk to form context? 😉

Tîpp Jäår

Cover photo by unsplash-logoHarli Marten

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