Tip #1136: How emails are resolved to the Dynamics 365 records

Literally a week later after Jonas “The Shuffler” Rapp was puzzled how From fields are resolved (see tip 1119),  Josh Wells from the cold city of Fargo (where some of the Microsoft folks tend to congregate) chimed in with the final resolution to the problem and a very good advice:

One of the best changes to Microsoft Docs is the fact that you can provide content feedback. You can do it within the article or at GitHub (scroll to the bottom of the article). This is an amazing opportunity for things like this to get changed or added into our documentation without having to go through different layers of providing input. With this said, I’ve gone ahead and filed this feedback within the following GitHub Issue for this article: https://github.com/MicrosoftDocs/dynamics-365-customer-engagement/issues/33

I would definitely encourage all of you to do the same when you see that documentation is lacking or needs further input.

Tîpp Jäår $0.02

The end result is a very succinct authoritative description of how emails are resolved. As we already mentioned, Microsoft Docs are now Open Source. And Josh is spot on: if you see something that you’re not happy about, do something about it.

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