Tip #1119: How is From resolved to Dynamics 365 record

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Dynamics CRM TipperToday we have a stop with two Vikings (different countries though): Jonas “The Shuffler” Rapp and Marius Agur Hagelund Lind

Jonas – Question

Recently we have found a new (?) problem at a customer, where emails are incorrectly “connected” to the wrong sender.

By what rule/rules does Dynamics 365 chose which record to track as ”From” when an incoming email is automatically tracked, and the sending emailaddress exists on more than one record type in Dynamics 365? E.g. if the same emailaddress exists on a contact and on a systemuser, will the from-field of the incoming, automatically tracked, email be set to the contact or the systemuser?
And why?

Marius – Answer

From my testing with a decently sized bank it looks like it matches the following way:

  1. systemuser
  2. contact, order by created on
  3. account, order by created on
  4. lead, order by created on
  5. queue

Additionally, automatic case creation with “automatically create contacts” option will only check contact, account and leads. If the email is sent from another queue or systemuser then a contact will be created, even if the address exists (might have been fixed in the most recent months)

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