Tip #111: CRM Responsiveness Insight

Want to test the performance of your CRM hosting environment – OnPremise or CRM Online from a specific location?

Just use one of these urls:

1. Onpremise – http:// or https://<yourExternalserverURL>tools/diagnostics/diag.aspx

2. Online – https://crmorgname.crm.dynamics.com/tools/diagnostics/diag.aspx where crmorgname is your unique org name – what you normally enter to get to CRM and then use CRM, CRM4, or CRM5 per your usual settings.

You will get presented with a screen like this and then just click on Run to get the report statistics.

CRM Diagnostics Tool

CRM Diagnostics Tool

2 thoughts on “Tip #111: CRM Responsiveness Insight

  1. Eric Hartono says:

    Do you have a data for benchmark comparison?
    I’m interested to know whether my result is considered bad average or good.

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