Tip #107: Use metadata browser to find status reason

While working on the solution for stuck emails, I needed values for various status reasons for email entity to intelligently hide/display RESEND button depending on email record status. Quick look in local SDK help yielded zilch. Online version – bupkis. Hmmm, I do remember metadata pages in 2011… Ah, here it is and, indeed, there is no CRM 2013 version (and, besides, status reason values are not listed).

Thinking it’s a awful oversight, I reached to the people in the know. Almost full version of the reply (who am I to compete with the people who do writing for living!):

If you are looking for the default status and status reason values, see this topic in the customization guide: Default status and status reason values. For the email entity: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn531157(v=crm.6).aspx#BKMK_Email [Aha, I knew that – it’s under Implementation Guide not SDK! – gd]

… we have stopped publishing the various entity metadata topics we used to publish such as Email (E-mail) Entity Metadata became difficult to view due to change in MSDN publishing. These pages did not include the statuscode values you are looking for anyway.

The metadata pages were not viewed very often so we decided to guide people to install and use the metadata browser solution we ship in the SDK because of the advantages it offers.

  • It is easier to search
  • It is complete
  • It includes any customizations for that organization

Of course, the drawback is that you have to have access to an environment with it installed.

Thank you, Jim “Mr SDK” Daly!

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