Tip #1068: How to Grant Access to Organization Insights

Back in my first TOTD post, I sung the benefits of Organization Insights. It is truly the administrator’s best friend. But what if a non-administrator wants in on the action? It turns out that, by default, the only two Security Roles that can see the Organization Insights dashboard are the System Administrator and System Customizer roles. For others to see the dashboard, we must either give them one of these two roles (probably unwise) or tweak the role they have.

In this case the role tweak resides in a custom entity called ‘OrgInsights User Dashboard Definition’ which is in the ‘Custom Entities’ of the Security Role you want to adjust. Also remember that, depending on the graphic being shown, the Security Role may also need additional privileges to access the underlying data.

One thought on “Tip #1068: How to Grant Access to Organization Insights

  1. Harish Koranne says:

    Hi I am not able to find OrgInsights User Dashboard Definition entity in the custom entities dynamics 365

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