Tip #779: SaRA goes web

SaRA for CRM

Previously on SaRA: Tip #635: SaRA to help CRM Tip #750: Better diagnostics for CRM for Outlook In this episode, SaRA adds new diagnostic scenarios for web sign-ins: Verify network connectivity Verify sign-in credentials Retrieve the list of Dynamics 365 instances for the tenant. If there is more than one instance, you are prompted to […]

Tip #750: Better diagnostics for CRM for Outlook

Ultimate diagnostics tool

CRM for Outlook is one of the main components driving the adoption of Microsoft Dynamics CRM365. But it could be temperamental at times. SaRA, Office 365 Support and Recovery Assistant, that we mentioned previously, has been greatly enhanced and now includes the following features: Verifying CRM for Outlook is the same major version as your […]