Tip #1167: Impersonation does not grant extra powers

Anonymous mask

I did write before about impersonating users. It’s a very straightforward “manoeuvre” and is commonly used when there is a service account (could be either non-interactive user or, better, application user) that needs to act as a specific user. There is even a built-in role Delegate which contains an absolute minimum set of privileges required […]

Tip #652: Promote to admin explained

Promote to admin privilege

I’ve already seen some articles about “Promote To Admin” button, new in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1, explaining in details how this button makes admin life easier by allowing quickly grant a user System Administrator role. All of the articles miss one important function that this button allows you to do. The functionality we’ve […]

Tip #542: Who do you think you are

One of the great features of Dynamics CRM is the ability to impersonate other users’ accounts. Just set CallerId property on CrmConnection object and go on with your business as usual. However, make sure that your code or the code that you call, do not rely on the current user identity obtained using WhoAmIRequest. As […]