Tip #573: CRM Online vs CRM On-premises features FAQ

Celebrity deathmatch

Someone at Microsoft has heard our online vs on-premises battle and decided to resolve it once and for all. CRM 2016 – Online vs on-premises features FAQ is now available on the Help & Training site. Some things are interesting and unexpected, others – not so much (like “Switch or delete an instance of CRM […]

Tip #392: SLAs for dummies, Part 3: FAQ

SLA Troubleshooting Step 1

¡Yo, amigos! Our semi-permanent resident by now Pablo “CRMGamified” Peralta wraps up SLA thingabob he started in la primera parte and continued in la segunda parte. ¿How do we set our Business Hours? We can set our business schedule at Configuration > Service Management > Customer Service Schedule. Once there, click on “+New”, select your […]