Tip #570: Remote debugging in CRM with vorlon.js

Object explorer in Vorlon

Our resident visual effects tipster asked me the other day if I had any experience with using vorlon.js in CRM. I didn’t as I never heard of it. But since someone somewhere some time ago pointed out that these days <random noun>.js is probably a valid javascript library, I decided to take a look. As it […]

Tip #351: Tracing for plugins and custom workflow activities

CRM Online continues to improve on the existing features, as Andre “I’ve got 88 in my handle” Margono noticed when looking at the tracing functionality. ITracingService was available to the savvy developers since CRM 2011, however, the catch always has been that trace is only available when things go wrong, exception kind of wrong. Enter […]

Tip #63: Execute javascript code during debug session

Changing current frame in IE

There are times when you want to quickly test out a piece of form Javascript code in the Developer Tools console. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 renders form content in frames and you have to prefix frames[0] or frames[1] to “Xrm.” to get the code running. In Chrome you can choose the target frame that you […]