Tip #989: Cross-survey reporting with Dynamics 365 Voice of the Customer

Consider this scenario: you are conducting 4 different surveys, each of a different industry. But you want to be able to report on Net Promoter Score across all industries. What are the options to optimally group and report the the NPS responses across all four surveys?

  1. On the question record, there is a field called “reporting text.” This allows you to add an ID/text tag to questions for grouping purposes on reports. For example, you could add “NPS” to all of the NPS survey questions, then group the responses by the question reporting text.
  2. Word the questions in the same way on on all surveys, then group by question text. One way to do this and prevent “fat finger” errors messing up your reports is to create a template survey that contains the questions you want to be on all surveys, then use the clone feature to copy the template survey to create each of the other surveys.
  3. The linked question feature allows you to link related questions on different surveys to a common question for reporting purposes. For our example, you could relate all of the NPS questions to the same linked question, then group by the linked question field in your report.
  4. Response routing lets you conditionally display fields or sections from another survey based on response rules. This is the one option to actually reuse questions on multiple surveys and have them share the same question ID/GUID. While this option works, you will have to think of some question to ask first to trigger the shared questions to appear on the survey.

A final option is to not group responses, but instead to score your survey responses. Voice of the Customer allows you to assign point values to responses to calculate an overall survey response score. You can then report on customer satisfaction across multiple surveys by tracking survey response scoring.

So the takeaway is, there are multiple options to configure your surveys so responses can be grouped and reported on across surveys. They important thing is planning for analysis before you distribute the surveys, and ensuring that once you get your 2,400 responses per day you will be able to use the data.

How do you track your customer satisfaction across multiple surveys?

2 thoughts on “Tip #989: Cross-survey reporting with Dynamics 365 Voice of the Customer

  1. HariPrasanth says:

    I am sending out survey internally to my organisation and getting the response as survey response records. But i want to get the responses for the questions in the worksheet excel. How can this be possible, please guide me through this.

    i want response of each individual separately.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Joel Lindstrom says:

      If you want responses to go to excel, don’t use voice of the customer. Use a onedrive survey, which stores the data in Excel.

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