Tip #988: Tracking confidential emails

Tip of the day reader Christian Schulte shares the following tip about tracking emails flagged “confidential” with Dynamics 365 for Outlook (the “Outlook client”).

Let’s say you get a mail with a confidential-flag with sensitivity level set. It is not important which sensitivity-level it is (private, personal, confidential).

If you decide to track this mail, it will get tracked and created just like any other mail. But: There will be no body in the CRM-mail.

Christian uses CRM for Outlook ( It is also referenced in a CRM idea.

This feature can be a good or bad thing. If you are in a highly confidential industry, tracking the email without tracking the contents of the conversation can be a benefit, as you can record that an interaction took place without risking revelation of sensitive details. But if this doesn’t apply to you and you want to capture the contents of the email, finding out the body was not tracked may be an unwelcome surprise.

So what happens in the Outlook App?

Microsoft does not document this behavior, so there is no official “how it should work” documentation. Based on our preliminary tests, it appears that if you track an email with sensitivity level of private or confidential and track it with the Outlook app, the contents of the email body is tracked in Dynamics 365.


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  1. Namita Jadhav says:


    Do you know if we can mark email as private and send using custom code from CRM?

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