Tip #978: Limitations in Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer is a great solution for customer surveys, offering a wide variety of survey question types. But before you deploy it, it is important to understand the limitations and validate that the way you are going to use it fits the tool.

Licensing: Full Voice of the Customer capabilities are licensed with Dynamics 365 for Sales, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Dynamics 365 for Field Service and Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, or Enterprise Plan licenses. Users with other license types can respond to surveys, but they cannot create or edit surveys.

Number of published surveys: Voice of the Customer is limited to 200 published surveys at one time. Need more surveys? Expire some of your active surveys.

Number of questions: Voice of the Customer limits surveys to 250 questions. If you try to add question 251, it will stop you. I have to ask, if you are trying to build a 300 question survey, why would you do that to your customers?

Maximum number of responses: Voice of the Customer leverages Azure to host the surveys and capture responses. Dynamics polls Azure for responses, and brings them into Dynamics. This polling is limited to 2,400 responses per day. So what happens if you get 2,500 responses to a survey in a single day? 2,400 will come in, 100 will remain in Azure until tomorrow. There is a 1,000,000 limit to how many responses can be stored on Azure. If you reach that limit (not counting the responses that have been moved to Dynamics), your customers will be unable to submit responses until that the total stored on Azure is lower than 1,000,000.

The takeaway is that you need to do some mental math before you roll out Voice of the Customer. 2,400 and 1,000,000 sound like a lot, and for the average company that uses Dynamics, they likely will not hit these limits. But once you get multiple surveys going, there is a chance you may hit these limits.

If you need higher volume survey capabilities, consider a third party integrated tool like ClickDimensions.

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4 thoughts on “Tip #978: Limitations in Voice of the Customer

  1. Julia Streatfield says:


    Good tips for anyone thinking of using VoC.

    I have a more technical requirement that I’m not finding any answer for and I hope you are able to help! Our surveys department require all respondents to select their main industry from a list. I’ve used single response question and tried to enter all the required values as potential answers but there appears to be a limit on how many rows/number of characters you can put into a single response question? Any thoughts on how I can over come this please? If there is no way to overcome this issue we won’t be able to go forward with Voc which will be very disappointing.
    Hope you can help!
    Many thanks

  2. Salman says:

    can we use VOC with Dynamics 365 On-Premise? if so do we still need to have Azure and integration with Azure?

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