Tip #953: If Voice of the Customer installation fails

You try to install Voice of the Customer, but the installation fails repeatedly. What is going on?

You are doing it wrong.

Don’t just go to the Dynamics 365 instance picker, click solutions, and then install Voice of the Customer. First go to the Application tab of the instance picker, configure and approve the T&C’s for Voice of the Customer, then install the solution.

We warned you about this but you didn’t listen.

(those of you still posting about this in August).

Next time, pay attention 🙂


5 thoughts on “Tip #953: If Voice of the Customer installation fails

  1. Fiona S says:

    Ahh the wonders of having a MVP teaching these before trial and error. Gus Gonzales taught us this a while ago in Finland! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Gabriel says:

    You are right I had the same problem before and Microsoft gave me same instructions.

  3. Jessica says:

    I found this after the installation failed repeatedly so I followed your instructions by going to the applications tab. However, when I accept the terms and click on the Install button, I am getting “The previous attempt to install the solution has failed. The solution installation has been triggered successfully, if the installation continues to fail, please contact support”.

    Then I wait for the installation to finish…. and it still keeps failing. Help!

    • Jessica

      if the installation continues to fail, please contact support

      I think it’s one of those cases – your installation seems to be stuck in the failing loop and you need to contact support to break it.


  4. I’ve got the solution to Dynamics 365, but I can’t access the confirm-page in the solution. I just get a link to go to the advanced configurations. Any tips on what to do?

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