Tip #945: If Dynamics 365 seems to be broken, check browser extensions

If a user experiences some odd and unusual Dynamics 365 behavior, it could be due to the browser “plugins” that are known as Chrome extensions, Firefox add-ons, and Edge extensions alike.

Recently I installed AdBlock and Privacy Badger and found that I cannot effectively access Dynamics 365 / CRM without disabling these extensions. That seems to be logical: Dynamics makes a fair use of headers and cookies, both frown upon by privacy nutjobs and anti-ad advocates.

There are probably some other extensions that could trigger unusual behavior so, before blaming Dynamics 365 / CRM for not displaying your pages properly, try running your browser without any extensions or add-ons. The easiest way to do that is to use browser user profiles or incognito mode, both by default won’t load any extensions.

3 thoughts on “Tip #945: If Dynamics 365 seems to be broken, check browser extensions

  1. Big Brother says:

    “privacy nutjobs” – That is an unwarranted statement. Some people do value their privacy and don’t want to be constantly profiled and see targeted ads.

  2. Hey Big Brother,

    in case I was not clear – I put myself firmly into that category. 🙂

    What I was referring to is that any expectation of privacy while when accessing secure enterprise software is without any merits. After all, people who would love to track your CRM usage in Organization Insights, paid for your license.

    And when was the last time you saw an ad in Dynamics 365 (offer to enable server-side sync does not count)?


  3. Anon says:

    You can disable Adblock/uBlock, Privacy Badger on specific sites instead of disabling or uninstalling the extension.

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