Tip #940: Dynamics 365 Outlook client vs. Outlook App: which is faster?

In this video we compare setting regarding and tracking emails in CRM for Outlook (Outlook Client) and the new Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. Which is faster?

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3 thoughts on “Tip #940: Dynamics 365 Outlook client vs. Outlook App: which is faster?

  1. MrE says:


    But why do you set an account into regarding when you email a contact?
    Basically, I would like to find the email messages saved against the contacts (which, indeed, are related to an account) to whom I have addressed them and not primarily saved against an account.

    Or does it automatically pick the correct To and From fields relating to the given contacts?



  2. syed says:

    New app for outlook sucks. Period.

    • Joel Lindstrom says:

      care to elaborate or are you just trying to be a troll? Classic outlook client slows down outlook, frequently gets disabled, doesn’t support unified interface, causes 50-90% of support calls, and makes upgrades much harder. New client does most of the things that the old client does with no installation, no impact on upgrades, no degredation of outlook speed, and works on Mac, mobile, and web. which one sucks?

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