Tip #937: Flush that portal cache

When I’ve got the tip email from Kevin Ingrey, my first reaction was “Groan… Not the portal cache again!”

Didn’t we beat the cache refresh for the portal to a pulp in Tip 740 and Tip 784? Looks like we did but obviously not to death.

Latest news in the portal science: append /_service/about to your portal URL in the latest release of Dynamics 365 Portals to get the handy ‘Clear cache‘ button.

EDIT: Correct URL is /_services/about – thanks, Chadi!

Portals clear cache button

It’s a heavy-duty tool and should be used in production as a last resort only (but developers – rejoice!). If change tracking does not work for you, I still recommend figuring out why and raising a support request with Microsoft if required.

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5 thoughts on “Tip #937: Flush that portal cache

  1. Chadi Tannous says:

    the actual URL is /_services/about

  2. Ulrikke Akerbæk says:

    Tried it, but I’m only seing the current version number. What am I missing?

  3. Paul Bartram says:

    As of testing today, there is no Button on either the latest versions of both Dynamics 365 Portals or Dynamics 365 Open Source Portals, in either Edge, FireFox or Chrome (All latest versions).

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