Tip #936: Grow up to Azure Logic Apps

Grow upIt was never a secret that Microsoft Flow was built on top of Azure Logic Apps. However, until recently, two platforms were independent, one designed to attract end-users and customizers and another – developers and DevOps.

The day has come to grow up – it is now possible for Flow users to save any flow they have as a Logic App resource template. This template can be managed like any other Logic App resource – and deployed through Visual Studio or directly in the Azure portal to a subscription of the user’s choice.

Why is it important? Because the relationship between Flow and Logic Apps is now similar to Report Wizard and SSRS Reports in Dynamics 365 – it’s a great time-saver. Instead of torturing user to give up those precious specifications, we can simply tell them to create that report or that flow themselves, but without sweating over the details. Once the overall intent is clear, developers can pick it up, convert into more powerful counterpart and apply a layer of polish.

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