Tip #930: Important changes to the Voice of the Customer installation process

A new version of the Voice of the Customer solution was recently released (v.9). The new solutions introduces some changes in the way the solution authenticates with CRM to improve security.

  1. To start the installation of the solution, the admin should log in to the Dynamics 365 Administration Center portal in Office 365.
  2. In the Administration Center portal, click on the Applications tab
  3.  Select “Voice of the Customer” application and click on the manage icon which launches the Voice of the Customer installation page.

Please note that you must be a tenant admin to complete this installation.


4 thoughts on “Tip #930: Important changes to the Voice of the Customer installation process

  1. Hi, Joel!

    Thank you and the team for your hard work!

    According to this case – if we are already using VoC, do we need to perform some actions or not?

    • Joel Lindstrom says:

      You will likely have to perform the steps to upgrade the solution. I have not tried that yet.

      • Rob Boyers says:

        When upgrading you must go via the Applications tab as per the screenshot. Do not go via the ‘solutions’ link against your instance, you’ll find the upgrade button results in a failed upgrade (took an MS ticket to work that out). Another thing worth noting is the mechanism for getting survey responses in to D365 has changed (thankfully!) so no longer does it use looping workflow, responses get pushed from Azure. This is way more robust and seems to perform quicker too.

  2. Ian says:

    Hi Joel;

    There is now another problem with the Voice of the Customer install I thought you would be interested in having to do with using AD Accounts vs Cloud Only accounts. I documented the solution and gave you a link on my http://www.urtech.ca/2017/09/solved-crm-online-solution-install-error-id-erroronauthorizationcheck/


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