Tip #919: How to deal with pending alternate keys that fail

We did write about pending alternate keys in tips 894 and 894 + 3 and that it’s easy to reactivate the pending keys using solutions UI in Dynamics 365.

However, as David “Xrm.Tools” Yack reports, sometimes pending keys are really stubborn and pressing Create Index generates very introspective and philosophical “Exception: Event failed due to an exception” message. Reactivating the key does not work either because it’s only supported for failed jobs and getting an exception apparently is not really a failure.

Another toolman, Tanguy “The XRM Toolbox” Touzard, to the rescue!

This stalemate can be resolved by deleting the failed job. That seems to allow you to re-activate it and re-create the index.

2 thoughts on “Tip #919: How to deal with pending alternate keys that fail

  1. […] the status of the jobs responsible for creating the keys as part of the solution deployment – as per other blogs – delete the job and re-activate the key to […]

  2. Dag Lindahl says:

    Old post but I just want to chip in for future googlers, you can now in the ‘modern’ make.powerapps.com ‘retry’ the activation operation without deleting any past system jobs.

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