Tip #908: How to add a missing field to Excel template

Have you ever created an Excel Template, with all of the necessary edits, pivot tables, charts, etc. that you need to report, only to realise the first time you use it that it’s missing a vital field from CRM? Typically, this means you have to redo all the work you did originally to include the missing field, wasting valuable time and energy.

Ryan “Nipper” Maclean believes he found the way.


Download the template that is missing a field, something, something, hidden sheet, something, eureka, add a reference, something, something, voilà!

Ah, snap, why won’t we just let Ryan do the talking in step-by-step instructions.

The usual warning applies: use at your own risk, contains small parts, choking hazard, swim between the flags. Not tested on animals, children or CRM 2011.

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