Tip #892: Playing sounds in CRM

This post comes from guest tipster Jerry Martin:

A little fun…..We had a client ask a question about adding sound to events on CRM. While I am against having sound in an application as a rule, it intrigued me to see if it was even possible.

What I found was that you can create or download an MP3 of your choice and then save it on your hard drive with an PNG extension.

You then create a PNG web resource with this file

In CRM, you create JavaScript to load this resource as an audio object and call the play method.

In this example I have a horn honk that plays when an entity is opened (totally useless but it’s just an example)

function go()
var audio = new Audio(‘https://[instance].crm.dynamics.com//WebResources/hsl_horn‘);

You could have it play when a deal is closed or some other event.

One thought on “Tip #892: Playing sounds in CRM

  1. Interesting… That’s gonna be a an Easter egg i’ll have to integrate =)

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