Tip #89: Field Level Security and Default Solutions

When you export a default solution from one organization so that you can create a look-a-like in new out of the box organization not everything comes over. Sure we know that users will need the security roles assigned,etc. But this caught me by surprise the other day, I now have it added to our check list. You will need to assign users to the their specific Field Level Security for the fields that they control. Otherwise no one except CRM Admins will be able to see those fields.

One thought on “Tip #89: Field Level Security and Default Solutions

  1. Adam Roberts says:

    Hey Jerry, quick questiono re: field level security. What all fields/entities need to be enabled to be able to audit all changes to Read, Create, and Update and see who made the change but which field in the profile was changed? So far I can see it create the audit history, but never any details. Error says not all fields were enabled for audit, but I’ve turned it on everywhere I could think to.


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