Tip #887: Gamification and multiple organizations

One of the first questions I get when talking about gamification is “can I use it in multiple organizations?” Say you have a training sandbox and a Production Dynamics 365 Online org, can you install it in the training environment?

The answer is no. As explained near the top of the official documentation, Gamification currently can only be used in one of your Dynamics 365 tenants. This means that you can have it configured against training while you are training, but you will need to repoint it to production and deactivate it in training when you are ready to go live.

So how do you deactivate? There is an activate button, but no deactivate button?

To deactivate, run the activation in the second organization tenant. This should give you the choice to delete the existing gamification environment and activate it with the new environment. If you have existing active games, you will need to remove them first.

Also, if you are concerned at the impact to your configuration if you have sitemap links in production that are not in your sandboxes, rest assured. You can install the gamification solution in multiple orgs, assign the KPI Manager security role, and also create KPIs in multiple environments. You just can’t activate and create the gamification portal in multiple separate tenants.

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