Tip #885: Don’t get locked up when publishing customizations

The browsers war is neverending. Today, A browser is better than B but has problems doing C, that can be done using D browser, but it deprecated feature E which we can get around in browser F but, unfortunately, it has not been approved by the network administrators as it does not support our home grown certificates.

Andre “Lucky 88” Margono tells his side of the story:

Chrome and Edge are my day-to-day browser these days. Unconsciously, I used Firefox to work on Dynamics 365 customizations. One thing that I noticed is that for Chrome and Edge, when I’m doing publish all customizations, all other Dynamics 365 screens are rendered unusable (frozen). Meanwhile, on Firefox, I still can do a thing or two with the other Dynamics 365 screen while the publish all customizations is running.

Tipp Jaar’s $0.02 + VAT

Incidentally, Firefox is Tipp’s Dynamics 365 browser of choice. When it comes to customizations activities, Firefox arguably has the fewest bugs and incompatibilities amongst the browsers.

One thought on “Tip #885: Don’t get locked up when publishing customizations

  1. Kevin F says:

    The only addition I’ll make – when I have to update SSRS reports (and XrmToolbox ReportSync isn’t playing ball) then IE is the only browser I find which reliably allows me to overwrite Reports by uploading a new .rdl file

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