Tip #87: Somebody needs to own it

At Convergence 2014, the tipsters participated in some “Ask the MVP” sessions. There were many great questions, and I wanted to highlight a few of them.

One great question was how should you deal with issues that can be a problem for any enterprise system, such as performance, poor user adoption, duplicate data, and other issues?

These types of issues can happen in any implementation, but they should never be a surprise. Where things like poor performance or poor data quality are an issue, it frequently is due to nobody paying attention to those areas. You can design the most robust architecture in the world, but if nobody is responsible for monitoring performance or data quality, issues are prone to arise in these areas.

You need to have someone who is responsible for each of these areas. For example, you need to have someone who regularly monitors performance (if CRM On premise).  Someone needs to monitor quality of critical data. At a minimum, regularly run a duplicate detection scan on critical entities, or use s good third party data quality tool like Trillium. Somebody needs to monitor that users are using the system and using it in the correct way. It doesn’t have to be the same person, but somebody needs to own these areas.

If you can’t name the person responsible for these areas, chances are, nobody is.

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