Tip #869: Beware of minimal copy side effects

Minimal copyAbility to copy organizations in Dynamics 365 is invaluable. Ability to perform a minimal copy is a great space-saver. But, as reported by Evan Watson and our own Joel “Silence is also a good a podcast topic” Lindstrom, beware of the deficiencies of a minimal copy. Entities that are copied are listed but what is not mentioned are the side-effects of not copying some other entries.

  1. Themes are not copied. Not only that but any attempt to create a new theme after performing a minimal copy will generate an error. The only fix at this point in time is to raise a support ticket to recreate required entries in the theme database table.
  2. Minimal copy doesn’t include Outlook sync filters so sync to Exchange won’t work because the sync filter templates don’t get created.

There could be more, of course – let us know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Tip #869: Beware of minimal copy side effects

  1. Derek H says:

    I am unsure if it was related, but I am pretty sure it also mucked with email attachments. I migrated a bunch but most of the details didn’t get shown in the CRM UI, and more importantly when trying to delete the blank looking records, the under lying record was failing SQL related to the synchronization objects. I have done another migration against a new instance and had none of these problems.

    • Evan Watson says:

      I am confirming your comment. We just closed a Microsoft support case where we were unable to migrate emails and attachments into the instance which was a minimal copy. The underlying tables had to be cleared, after that we were able to import emails again.

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