Tip #855: Mobile Learning Paths–how to make them work

When creating Learning Paths for mobile, it is important that you create them correctly. Current documentation appears to say that all you have to do is set the form factor to mobile for the guided task to be available from mobile. However, to make the learning path work on mobile, you also have to create the mobile learning path from the mobile simulator.

  1. Open Dynamics 365 mobile UI in web browser (as described in tip 127). The logged in user should be the one who has the Learning Path authoring privileges and the org should already have been set up to allow authoring of Learning Paths.
  2. Open the ellipsis (…) button at the bottom and you should find two buttons – one to view the sidebar on that page and other to Open the content library. From this content library (opened on the web version of mobile client), you can create sidebars and guided tasks which will associate themselves with the mobile client.


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