Tip #840: Shared personal views and charts on mobile

One of the limitations of the Dynamics 365 (and 2016) mobile app is personal charts and views shared with another user do not display in that user’s mobile app. Saved personal views and charts that I own (or that a team on which I’m a member owns) do display in the mobile app.

As a workaround, if you have personal views or charts that you want to be available on mobile for a group of people, instead of sharing the views and charts with them, create a team, add all of the people to the team, and assign the personal views and charts to the team. That will make these items available on the team members’ mobile devices. And don’t forget to add yourself to the team, otherwise you will lose access to your views and charts.

One thought on “Tip #840: Shared personal views and charts on mobile

  1. Ka Kit Yick says:

    Hi, that works for iPhone, but not with iPad. Any solutions?

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