Tip #838: Fantasy Sales Team vs. Gamification

When looking at solutions available for my Dynamics 365 organization, I saw that there were two solutions available for Gamification. “Fantasy Sales Team” and “Gamification.”

So what is the difference between these solutions? Does “Gamification” include all of the functionality in Fantasy Sales Team?

Scott Durow to the rescue:

FST was essentially a preview and should no longer be used – Gamification replaces FST and is fully supported. There are some nice UI improvements but the biggest thing for me is that logins are now controlled using O365 rather than a separate username/password.

Other reasons to use the new Gamification solution:

  • Total players (sum of all games): From 250 in FST to 15 Simultaneous Games with 500 players each in Gamification
  • Expanded Roles:  From a user being locked into a Player or Fan role to determining the role by game (e.g. Player in one game, fan in another)
  • KPI Manager Role in CRM:  The ability for a non-admin user (e.g. Sales Manager) to create KPIs
  • Default KPIs: 10 default KPIs to get from install to first game in minutes
  • Quick Setup: From install to active in minutes rather than the 24-48 delay in FST
  • Enabling Public Stream in StreamTV
  • Upgraded User Interface including responsive UI for mobile devices
  • Single Sign On with Office 365 / Dynamics 365
  • Multi Language Support

3 thoughts on “Tip #838: Fantasy Sales Team vs. Gamification

  1. Sergey says:

    Hi! I wonder if gamification extension will be available on-premise?

  2. Nina says:

    Question, In Gamification when using goals can you use the % achieved instead of Actual or Target?

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