Tip #815: Make your Dynamics 365 portal speak local language

Swedish ChefAs of the time of writing, Dynamics 365 supports 45 languages. But there is only one English, one Spanish, and one French (to name a few) which makes people in UK, Australia, entire South America, and Canada fairly disappointed, considering that the list of locales contains about 230 entries.

We learned to deal with the absence of the localised flavours in Dynamics 365 but, as it turned out, we do not have to when it comes to the portals. Portals for Dynamics 365 have been released in 43 languages (all supported sans Arabic and Hebrew), and the process of enabling content in another language is straightforward:

  1. Enable additional languages in Dynamics 365
  2. Navigate to Portals > Websites in Dynamics 365 and open the Website record. Add Website Language record under Supported Languages
  3. All applicable entities, e.g. web pages, web link sets and content snippets, will now have multi-lingual content available

But, wait, there is more! When you add a Website Language record, language lookup field comes from the Portal Languages entities.

  1. Navigate to Portals > Portal Languages
  2. Add new record and enter the data for the localized language.
    Language of Australia
  3. The fields are as following:
    • Name: whatever you feel like
    • Display name: this part will be visible in the language selector
    • Description: meaningful one, of course (but nobody will ever see it)
    • Dynamics 365 language: this one is important. Must match one of the 43 supported languages
    • LCID: valid .NET language locale identifier (see the link to the list above)
    • Code: this will form part of the URL, as in
  4. Once language is there, follow the steps above to add it to the list of the supported portal languages.
  5. Deliver your content as required in the worlds of organisations, colours, and sebras.
    Portal language selector

Can’t wait for our Nordic friends to start delivering portals in sv-BORKBORK.

2 thoughts on “Tip #815: Make your Dynamics 365 portal speak local language

  1. Good read…we updated the Dynamics 365 Portal last night to v8.2.1.71 and this came with the new multi-language support. It’s thrown up a few issues for us in that a number of pages are now saying:

    The Webpage you are looking for at “…” is not found in the English language. To display “…” page localize it in English language.

    Seems straightforward enough (not sure why some pages have this issue and some don’t but off we went to investigate). All the pages that seem to have issues were essentially deactivated web pages (which for some reason remained deactivated but they now appeared in the sitemap/navigation). So we updated the pages to remove them from sitemap and these go away.

    Biggest issue we have though is that SignIn doesn’t work and we get the same message for this (not found in English language and to display page localize in English language). However, this is a core page and we haven’t altered this (except the Content Snippets and they say they are in English). We can’t access the SignIn page (as far as I know) to amend it so a bit at a lose as to where to try next.

    So we have a Portal that no one can sign onto which is a big issue.

    Anyone came across this issue and if so, how did you rectify it?


    • At present I believe I’ve resolved the issue but not entirely sure why.

      The CRM itself has the language setting of English (United Kingdom) so I’ve added a Portal Language for en-GB (LCID 2057) and I then added this as a Supported Language under Website (but the English UK language has been added as Draft).

      All seems well with the portal again and I’ll investigate this further but hopefully if others hit this issue then this will give them some idea what to do.

      If I discover more I’ll report back.

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