Tip #812: CRM Undo

Occasionally I get the question, does Dynamics CRM/365 include an undo/redo feature.

While the application does not have an undo button, it does support the features of your operating system, and if that OS is Windows (any version), you can use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+Z to undo, and CTRL+Y to redo.

Note that this is limited to undo/redo in the current field. It’s useful if you overwrite a field value by mistake, but keep in mind that if I tab or click to another field, it won’t undo what I did in the previous field.

3 thoughts on “Tip #812: CRM Undo

  1. Chris Groh says:

    It looks like it uses the old oData 2.0 endpoint and hasn’t been updated in a long while but what are your thoughts on this solution?


  2. Jackie Heineman says:

    If you haven’t tabbed or clicked to another field you can just hit ESC and it won’t save what you did in that field.

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