Tip #806: How to display portal version

The break was short-lived! Without further ado, first tip of 2017.

If you navigate to your Dynamics 365 Administration Center and display all solutions installed in your organization, you will be able to see the version of the solution(s) installed but not the version of the portal code itself.

Just add /_services/about to your portal url:

Portal version

In addition to the version, you’ll see a guid that identifies the portal product id within your O365 tenant. Both pieces of information would come handy when raising support requests for any issues related to your Dynamics 365 Portal.

One thought on “Tip #806: How to display portal version

  1. Jason Cosman says:

    The twitter tweet to this article actually shows a picture of the steam (video game engine) console opened up for the Portal video game. It made me chuckle thinking I was really behind on the UI for Portals for CRM.

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