Tip #786: Delete vs reset for Dynamics 365 instances

Format diskIn Dynamics 365 admin center, you can Reset a sandbox instance – this deletes the current instance and provisions a new one in its place, essentially returning it to the factory conditions. However, any provisioned organization in Dynamics 365 consumes storage – about 180MB for empty Dynamics 365 organization without any sample data or trial solutions.

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Reset deleteIf you would like to put your instance on hold and avoid using those precious kilobytes, use Delete operation. Despite the scary name, the action is very similar to a reset except that, after wiping your organization clean, the system will not provision anything at all. Rest assured, your entitlement to the sandbox instance is safe (though it might take a few minutes for your entitlement to appear) and you will be able to provision a fresh org when needed – your entitlement will show up as an instance without any name with the state Instance to configure.

Note: unlike reset, delete operation will also destroy any backups you had for the sandbox instance so use it with caution.

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Destructive operations like reset/delete are not allowed on production instances, so that admins do not reset their production environment by mistake. If you really need to reset a production instance, you would first need to change the instance type to a sandbox and then you’ll be able to do the operation. After the reset is complete, you could change the instance type to production if needed.

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