Tip #782: Hyperlink from PowerBI to Dynamics 365

Have you ever wished you could link from a table row in Power BI to over to Dynamics CRM – allowing users to filter and view the records in a grid or matrix in PowerBI and when they want more detail, they can click to open the corresponding record CRM?

Wish granted!

To begin: ensure you’ve added the entity’s primary id (GUID) to the dataset for the entity you want to build the hyperlink for.

Add a new column in the entity using this formula as a template:

Opportunity Link = “https://yourorganization.crm.dynamics.com/CRMReports/viewer/drillopen.aspx?ID={” & Opportunities[OpportunityId] & “}&LogicalName=opportunity


  1. Give the link a name (in this case it’s to the opportunity table, so I’ve named it ‘Opportunity Link’)
  2. Change the first part of the URL (up to the /CRMReports portion) to match the URL for your CRM organization.
  3. Opportunities[opportunityid] is the reference to the recordid field (guid) in the “opportunities” table
  4. Replace ‘opportunity‘ with the schema (logical) name of the entity from CRM.
  5. Select this new column and on the ‘Modeling’ tab, change the ‘Data Category’ to Web URL.
  6. Bonus tip thanks to @CRMChartGuy – On the Formatting tab of the entity, expand the ‘Values’ area and change the ‘URL icon’ setting to “On” – This will change the URL to an icon that looks like a couple of links of a chain. – nice!


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