Tip #759: Create a persistent backup of your instance

Clock is running out latteNow that you’ve mastered the backup and restore for your CRM Online organization, you may be wondering, now what?

Backups are only held for three days, that’s not very useful, is it?

Well, actually, it is. These transient backups are very useful if you perform some scary-looking update to your production instance. But more importantly, they can be restored into any sandbox instance that you have.

CRM Online deployments have a free sandbox per every 25 users, chances are that you will have an unused instance lying around. Why wouldn’t you restore your backup into that instance and set it aside? That would create a persistent backup of your CRM organization at given point in time and set it aside as a reference or emergency stash.

If you’re not up to the scale of 25+ users yet, ask yourself if persistent backup worth a price of a large weak skim organic soya vegan latte per day, because that’s what an additional sandbox instance would cost you.

2 thoughts on “Tip #759: Create a persistent backup of your instance

  1. Jan says:

    Unfortunately, it’s not a free sandbox per every 25 users. 🙂

    “One additional non-production instance is included with 25 or more paid Professional user licenses, or 25 or more paid Enterprise user licenses, or a combination of 25 or more paid Professional and Enterprise user licenses.”

    • Hmmm, because it was followed by the statement that would give extra storage for every 20(?) users, I mis(?) interpreted it as an instance per every 25 users. Is your actual experience different?

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