Tip #728: Install CRM for Outlook using SCCM

Complicated control panelWhen questions come all the way from Gustaf “Surströmming” Westerlund, some people including Gayan “Performance Wizard” Perera cannot keep still.


According to Deployment and Administration Guide, it is not supported to install CRM for Outlook using System Center Configuration Manager for CRM Online or CRM 2016.

Gayan’s SCCM Ultimate Guide

We’ve used SCCM to deploy the Outlook client, it works well but some things we’ve had to do/watch out for:

  • If you’re deploying globally, make sure to copy the package to a share locally and install from that rather than pulling from the main server
  • Run a script on start up to kill Outlook, Skype for Business and any other Office application (if it’s set to start automatically) and notify the user that the installation may take awhile
  • Run the installer on start-up, this ensures a clean install
  • Use a batch script to start configwizard with the config.xml file and log output, you can then use this to re-try or stop
  • Might need to play with the switches if you’re upgrading (sometimes you need to remove and add back CRM organization

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4 thoughts on “Tip #728: Install CRM for Outlook using SCCM

  1. Frank@TI says:


    Can you pls explain that a little bit more:
    ◾Use a batch script to start configwizard with the config.xml file and log output, you can then use this to re-try or stop

    I use this command:
    Client\amd64\Setupclient.exe /i Client_Config.xml /installofflinecapability


    But I always get the startup dialog to select our instance (CRM Online 8.1). And then the drop down shows only CRM Online (That works). I want to avoid the dialog for the users. Any Idea?

    PS: is that better XML:


  2. Peter Lynch says:

    For SCCM deployment:

    – is it necessary run the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook Setup program (SetupClient.exe) by using the administrative installation option (/A) to create a Windows Installer package (CRMClient_bitversion.msi) , like in Group Policy deployment?

    – or does SCCM use the Windows Installer package (Client.msi) that is included with the Dynamics CRM for Outlook installation files?

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