Tip #725: Rename the contract

Broken contractDid you ever come across the situation when “a friend of yours” tried linking a task (or any other activity record) to a contact only to stare at the screen in disbelief for 5 seconds:

Lookup contract by mistake

Where. Did. All. My. Contacts. Go?

Then you your friend exhaled in relief – “stupid contRacts” – and quickly selected the previous record in the dropdown.

Since 7 people in the world who dared to use contRacts have either gone insane since or regretted the decision many times over, here is the simple solution to save about 5 seconds x 10,000 = 13.89 hours of your time: go to customizations (no need to even create a solution) and rename contRact entity into zzzNobodyLovesYouContract (or just zzContract).
Lookup contact

One thought on “Tip #725: Rename the contract

  1. Pavel Selitskas says:

    Indeed, this is really annoying sometimes.

    One quote that suits very well to this issue:


    A bad programmer John made a mistake in the code, due to which every user of the program was forced to spend an average of 15 minutes to find a work around the problem. There were 10 million members. In total they wasted 150 million minutes = 2.5 million hours. If a person sleeps 8 hours a day, then 16 hours are left for the conscious activity. That is, John has destroyed 156,250 man-days ≈ 427.8 person-years. The average man lives 64 years, so John had killed as many as 6.68 people.

    Are you sleeping well, John — serial programmer?

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