Tip #705: Stop uploading reports by hand

Manual laborIf you’re like Andreas (SeAn) Seitz then you don’t like manual labor. Like managing and uploading your rdl files by hand, for example. What does the developer do when they need to automate a mundane task? That’s right, write their own XrmToolbox plugin.

Andreas himself

After hours of manually uploading CRM Report .rdl files from disk through the CRM Web, I have written a small PlugIn for the XrmToolbox called “Report Sync (.rdl Files)”. So uploading multiple changed rdl Files from disk to crm is done in a few seconds and with almost a few click.

Also downloading Reports from CRM to disk, e.g. for editing or backup is done quickly.

It has saved me already a lot of time, and I hope others can also benefit from that plugin. Here is the link to github: https://github.com/Sean0885/CRMReportSync and the Plugin could be installed through XrmToolbox itself from the in-app “Plugins store”.

Maybe this is worth a tip of the day 🙂

Tipp Jarr

It most certainly is and thank you for the contribution!

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