Tip #686: Quote products do not like auto save

Autosave essentialsGuido “Trekkie not Star Wars fan” Preite is on a roll this week. His customer was facing an annoying bug on the Quote Product subgrid inside the Quote entity. When he creates a new Write-in product, then proceeds to change the price or the quantity, and the autosave kicks in, the value is restored to the previous one or the input is added at the end. For example, if there is a quantity of 3 and he writes 4, the value reverts to 3 or he ends up with 3,004 (depending on when the value is entered).

This issue does look like a problem with the focus and the autosave, luckily there is a workaround of enabling the legacy form rendering.

In case you missed the deprecation announcement, legacy form rendering will be going away so it’s not a sustainable solution. Let’s hope that this bug (and some others) is fixed by the time this option is removed.

One thought on “Tip #686: Quote products do not like auto save

  1. I see a bug rendering, other bug too my scripts save

    New version (CRM 2016):


    Not use (old version):

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