Tip #665: Email signatures revisited

In Tip 224 we gave a solution for using email templates for signatures in emails sent from the CRM web interface. While this works, it is not automatic, and it has some limitations around logos and other formatting options.

Well you don’t need 224 anymore! CRM 2016 update 1 (aka spring wave) introduces email signature capabilities as a standard feature.

Click the gear icon in the upper right hand corner and click options. Then select the Email signatures tab and create your email signature.

Then, when composing an email in web client, your signature will appear by default.

Thanks to the MSCRMSHOP blog for alerting us to this little-known feature.


3 thoughts on “Tip #665: Email signatures revisited

  1. Divyesh Sapovadiya says:

    In Tip #224: We can use Image or Photo within signature template. But, using Signature Template We can’t be able to add image in signature.

    Do we have any easy solution for it or we will have to go with Tip #224 if we need to add image in signature as well?

    If someone just want to use text then this is quite useful.

    • Divyesh Sapovadiya says:

      Yes, We can just copy and paste Image in Email Signature Template and it looks good.

      But, when we create an email from CRM. It’s not populating Image on it. It seems that it only populate the Image Reference. And It looks messy.

      • Joel Lindstrom says:

        I think you will find that same experience when using templates or composing emails. The email editor in CRM web app is very basic.
        Good reason to send from Outlook or use something like ClickDimensions.

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