Tip #654: Use the XrmToolbox to copy templates

No later than 2 days after publishing Gayan’s tip on dangers of moving Word templates between deployments, Tanguy “The XRM Toolbox” Touzard stepped in and automated the process as part of the XrmToolbox.

Document template mover

It’s a first cut, a bit rough around the edges but you are more than welcome to jump in and fix whatever you don’t like at https://github.com/MscrmTools/MscrmTools.DocumentTemplatesMover.

9 thoughts on “Tip #654: Use the XrmToolbox to copy templates

  1. Hervé says:

    Github 404 error page

  2. Robert says:


    I have message when I try to move templates “Memory stream is not expandable”

    some templates are moved without issue, some have this error message

  3. Robert says:

    waiting will somebody reply

    error message
    Memory stream is not expandable

  4. Kirubaa says:

    I recently downloaded and updated to Latest XRM Toolbox and Document Template Mover is “1.2016.8.2”.

    When I click on the plugin I’m getting below error:
    An error occured when trying to display this plugin: Unable to cast object of type ‘MsCrmTools.DocumentTemplatesMover.PluginControl’ to type ‘XrmToolBox.Extensibility.PluginControlBase’.

    Please help!

    • Andy says:

      I am receiving the same error as Kirubaa when loading the Document Template Mover:

      Unable to cast object of type ‘MsCrmTools.DocumentTemplatesMover.PluginControl’ to type ‘XrmToolBox.Extensibility.PluginControlBase’.

      Any help or update appreciated.

  5. Nikoleta says:

    I managed to move my templates correctly between environments. However, when I opened them I noticed that the tool has not updated the header parameters.

  6. Russell says:

    All I get is “Value cannot be null. Parameter name: s”

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