Tip #650: The real role to manage Dynamics CRM Online

Role playing gameFew days ago we explained how to give your O365 users ability to manage CRM Online features but without being a Global Administrator. O365 admin portal UI gave us Service administrator role. We suspected it’s too much but decided to let it go for the sake of simplicity.

Thanks to the insight from Hans Worst (really?), we now know that there is a very aptly named CRM Service Administrator role but it’s only available via Powershell.


   -RoleName "CRM Service Administrator" 
   -RoleMemberEmailAddress "foo@barbaz.com"

To run this snippet you’ll need Azure Active Directory Cmdlets, if you don’t have them installed already.

Warning! Once you assign this role, do not manage role assignment for this user in O365 portal – this role won’t be visible and it’s too easy to unassign it by accident.

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