Tip #648: Are you Power BI Pro?

When you’re trying to connect Power BI to Dynamics CRM by entering Dynamics CRM OData Service URL, you may receive an obscure message “Parameter validation failed. Please make sure all parameters are valid.”

Error connecting Power BI to Dynamics CRM

What Power BI is trying to tell you is that the license assigned to you is the Power BI freebie and not the Power BI Pro goodness.

Klein bottleBe a pro, go back to O365 Admin Portal and assign the correct license. Don’t have it? Free trial is available and it’s only $9.99 per month for many hours of entertainment trying to build a Klein funnel bottle out of your sales data.

2 thoughts on “Tip #648: Are you Power BI Pro?

  1. George, that’s cheeky! However, I’m curios why you’re saying we can’t connect to Power BI with the free Power BI license. I thought that was included with some limitations?

    • Valter,

      It used to work on simple Power BI but most recent attempts to connect have failed hence the post. In their defense, I don’t think it’s deliberate but rather a bug or simple oversight.


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