Tip #643: Role to manage Dynamics CRM Online

Manage the CRM Online instanceWhen a user opens Dynamics CRM Online instance manager (https://port.crm[0-9].dynamics.com/G/Instances/InstancePicker.aspx), they see the instance selector if there is more than one instance available but nothing else. The only option is to select the instance and click Open button.

What if you want user to be able to manage CRM Online features but without being a Global Administrator? There is no CRM Online administrator role in O365 portal?!
O365 Admin Roles
The answer is Service administrator role.

Instance management featuresBut wait, there is more: in addition to that O365 administrator role, user needs to be assigned System Administrator role in CRM to have access to the management features per instance basis. That way, user can add solutions to test instance of CRM but without ability to touch the production instance, for example.

One thought on “Tip #643: Role to manage Dynamics CRM Online

  1. Hans Worst says:

    There is a CRM Administrator role available/to be assigned in Office 365 but only via Powershell.

    This is the list:
    PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-MsolRole

    ObjectId Name Description
    ——– —- ———–
    729827e3-9c14-49f7-bb1b-9608f156bbb8 Helpdesk Administrator Helpdesk Administrator has access to perform common helpdesk related tasks.
    f023fd81-a637-4b56-95fd-791ac0226033 Service Support Administrator Service Support Administrator has access to perform common support tasks.
    b0f54661-2d74-4c50-afa3-1ec803f12efe Billing Administrator Billing Administrator has access to perform common billing related tasks.
    4ba39ca4-527c-499a-b93d-d9b492c50246 Partner Tier1 Support Allows ability to perform tier1 support tasks.
    e00e864a-17c5-4a4b-9c06-f5b95a8d5bd8 Partner Tier2 Support Allows ability to perform tier2 support tasks.
    88d8e3e3-8f55-4a1e-953a-9b9898b8876b Directory Readers Allows access to various read only tasks in the directory.
    29232cdf-9323-42fd-ade2-1d097af3e4de Exchange Service Administrator Exchange Service Administrator.
    75941009-915a-4869-abe7-691bff18279e Lync Service Administrator Lync Service Administrator.
    fe930be7-5e62-47db-91af-98c3a49a38b1 User Account Administrator User Account Administrator has access to perform common user management related tasks.
    9360feb5-f418-4baa-8175-e2a00bac4301 Directory Writers Allows access read tasks and a subset of write tasks in the directory.
    62e90394-69f5-4237-9190-012177145e10 Company Administrator Company Administrator role has full access to perform any operation in the company scope.
    f28a1f50-f6e7-4571-818b-6a12f2af6b6c SharePoint Service Administrator SharePoint Service Administrator.
    d405c6df-0af8-4e3b-95e4-4d06e542189e Device Users Device Users
    9f06204d-73c1-4d4c-880a-6edb90606fd8 Device Administrators Device Administrators
    9c094953-4995-41c8-84c8-3ebb9b32c93f Device Join Device Join
    c34f683f-4d5a-4403-affd-6615e00e3a7f Workplace Device Join Workplace Device Join
    17315797-102d-40b4-93e0-432062caca18 Compliance Administrator Compliance administrator.
    d29b2b05-8046-44ba-8758-1e26182fcf32 Directory Synchronization Acc… Directory Synchronization Accounts
    2b499bcd-da44-4968-8aec-78e1674fa64d Device Managers Allows access to read and edit device properties.
    9b895d92-2cd3-44c7-9d02-a6ac2d5ea5c3 Application Administrator Application Administrator role has access to perform common application management related …
    cf1c38e5-3621-4004-a7cb-879624dced7c Application Developer Application Developer role has ability to create single-tenant applications.
    5d6b6bb7-de71-4623-b4af-96380a352509 Security Reader Security Reader allows ability to read security information and reports.
    194ae4cb-b126-40b2-bd5b-6091b380977d Security Administrator Security Administrator allows ability to read and manage security configuration and reports.
    e8611ab8-c189-46e8-94e1-60213ab1f814 Privileged Role Administrator Privileged Role Administrator has access to perform common role management related tasks.
    3a2c62db-5318-420d-8d74-23affee5d9d5 Intune Service Administrator Intune Service Administrator has full access in the Intune Service.
    158c047a-c907-4556-b7ef-446551a6b5f7 Application Proxy Service Adm… Application Proxy Service Administrator has full access in the Application Proxy Service.
    5c4f9dcd-47dc-4cf7-8c9a-9e4207cbfc91 Customer LockBox Access Approver Customer LockBox Access Approver has approval access to user data requests.
    44367163-eba1-44c3-98af-f5787879f96a CRM Service Administrator CRM Service Administrator has full access in the CRM Service.

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