Tip #64: Add PBL Rules to Quick Create Forms

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, the PBL (Portable Business Logic) rules are an easy way to add business logic to forms without having to write code. But what if you want to add a PBL rule to a Quick Create form?

At first glance, when you set up a quick create form, it appears that PBL rules are not available, as you won’t see the “Business Rule” button that is available from other forms, and when you create a PBL rule, the Quick Create forms won’t be listed in the Scope drop down. However, it is possible to add PBL rules to Quick Create forms.

Go to settings->customization–>entity where the quick create form lives. Expand the entity customization and go to Business Rules section, and define your business rule there. If Scope is set to all forms, the rule will apply to the quick create form too as long as all fields referenced by the PBL rule are present on the Quick Create form.

4 thoughts on “Tip #64: Add PBL Rules to Quick Create Forms

  1. Elmar says:

    Is it also possible to let the business rule work on the Quick Create form by using the Entity scope for the business rule?

  2. Alex McLachlan says:

    A note on this for power platform business rules for main forms that you want to apply to quick create forms as well. If you want to filter on whether the record/row has been created, the created on column cannot be added to a quick create form. But, an autonumber column can be used, as this is populated on selecting to save (remembering to include this column on the quick create form so that the rule is in scope).

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