Tip #638: Cryptic entries in audit log

Dynamics CRM TipperMini truckstop, the only remarkable thing about it that this time I was on the receiving end.

I was helping a customer to get to the bottom of some strange behavior when I noticed this entry in the audit log:
Cryptic entries in audit log
What. Is. That?! 10 minutes later after failed boogle-fu, I’ve reached out for help. About 2 minutes later, help didn’t disappoint, I think Adam “First!” Vero was sitting there and waiting for someone to ask a question.

That’s the symbol for a break in the audit trail (it’s supposed to look like a table with a missing row). If you turn off auditing for the system, or the entity, or that field, you would see this.

There were couple latercomers with the same suggestion, but Jukka “Kalsarikännit” Niiranen decided to take it up a notch with a bold statement that, after all, it’s not the user’s fault

The primary reason why so many people see these strange symbols in their CRM systems is not that they’ve turned off auditing, but rather just that they’ve imported a managed solution [containing the entity that had the audit on]

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