Tip #635: SaRA to help CRM

Who is SaRa and why is she helping CRM?

Not who but what.

SaRA is the acronym for the Office 365 Support and Recovery Assistant which is a powerful diagnostic platform created by the Office team. In many cases, SaRA offers automated solutions that can fix problems for you.

And now SaRa includes CRM diagnostics, initial scenario is for CRM Outlook Client configuration issues for CRM Online.

This diagnostic can detect issues related to CRM Outlook Client install, configuration, and can also detect and fix a disabled CRM add-in with the click of a button. It can also retrieve log files and event log information.

You can download SaRA using the following link: http://aka.ms/crmocblog

Read details on Dynamics CRM Support blog.

Gail, did we fix your problem?

Who is Gail?

No idea.

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  1. Daniel Kasimirowicz says:

    I don’t know Gail, either.

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